"I can't begin to tell you how much Shelby loved the FRA this summer and how bitter sweet it was to finish last week! You and Wes made this an awesome experience for her. Shelby says that you are the most selfless person she knows and holds you in high regard."

-- Lisa Roberts

"Steve, I seriously want to thank you for letting me play on the FRA team for the spring and summer. I got so much better and have never had as much fun playing a sport before in my life."

-- Adam Brubaker - #2 singles for Thompson Valley HS

"Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of playing with your team. I'm training in Florida now but will continue with the FRA when I'm home. I will never forget the way you and the team were kind enough to cheer me on through my tough matches. You are one of the most talented coaches that I have ever worked with."

-- Sarah Hamner - #1 ranking Intermountain and Level 3 summer sectional champion, 2016

"I just wanted to thank you for a great adidas camp last week. Nathan had a fun time, and he said he'd like to go again next year, which sounds like an endorsement to me! The day after the camp ended (Saturday), Nathan played in his first Level-6 10 & under tournament (at Lewis in Fort Collins) and took first place. It was his first tournament win, after playing a couple of Futures and Challengers. There were only two other competitors, each of whom had some but not a lot of tournament experience, but it was nice to see Nathan dominate and play consistently and thoughtfully in a tournament context in a way that I hadn't seen before. I imagine that playing in the camp all week helped, both physically and mentally. Nathan and I warmed up for 15 minutes before his first match on Saturday, and his transition to orange ball (from the yellow ball of the camp) was far and away the smoothest I had ever seen. This was very encouraging, given the mental challenge of making such a transition. While it's hard to know why things come together for kids and why they happen when they happen, I think that the camp was good for Nathan's game, even if he couldn't show it fully with yellow balls. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, and I hope that Nathan has the opportunity to participate in some of your Longmont-based activities before the summer ends."

-- David Most

"I wanted to let you know how much you helped me through some of my tough matches this weekend. Your motto really stuck with me and helped me when it mattered most. I entered the 14s and 16s and made the finals of the 14s. I dropped the first set 0-6 and wasn't feeling so great until I remembered your motto: "Make every point a war, regardless of the score". That became my mantra and I won a hard fought second set 6-4. I ended up losing the third 6-4 but I was proud of the outcome. I wanted you to know how much of a difference you made to my mental game. You reminded us at camp that you can pull through anything with enough grit and determination."

-- Bridget Bell

"Since I was about 13 I have been working with Steve, and he has been a part of my tennis success ever since. What Steve provides is coaching that spans all aspects of the game of tennis. Whether it is technique, mental toughness, strategy, or physical fitness, he can help. I really appreciated how he was able to help me with whatever I needed in my game at the time. He was more than willing to feed me balls and give advice on my strokes, or grind out long sets when I needed match play. It's rare to find a coach who really cares for his students and loves what he does as much as Steve. He has played an important role in the development of my game and my signing to play Division 1 tennis at Butler University in the Big East Conference. Thanks for everything Steve!"

-- Spencer Lang - Colorado State Champ, #1 Singles, 2014

"I first started working with Steve when I was about 15 years old and I can, without a doubt, say that he helped me take my game to the next level. He pushed me to be the best player I could be and although he beat me in our practice matches in the beginning, I like to think that the roles reversed a little bit the more we played and worked with each other. What really makes Steve different about other coaches is his passion for the game. It's very rare to find a coach who loves to work hard with you and pushes you on and off the court. He has been one of the most beneficial people not only in terms of my tennis game, but also off the court. He's a great coach and person and was always there to support me during national tournaments and the Colorado State Championships. He is a major reason I am where I am today, playing Division 1 Tennis for Creighton University in the Big East conference. Thanks so much Steve!"

-- Harrison Lang

"Steveputs on an outstanding Junior (<18) focused program that finds and develops some of the best High School players in Colorado. When my girls were involved, Steve's tennis school had several top 10 Sectional level players all the way down to part-time High School players, and they were all developing at great rates. My daughters participated for 2 years and we saw a noticeable growth in their tennis. Steve's teaching approach, his passion for developing Juniors, and his program is very, very good."
-- Gordon Motley - Fossil Ridge High School Coach and Parent

"I started playing with Steve in 8th grade having never received professional tennis instruction in my life. Steve’s passion for the sport was instantly contagious. Through teaching with energy and confidence, Steve promoted an exciting atmosphere that allowed learning to come naturally. I solely credit Steve for instilling in me a love for the game that ultimately persuaded me to quit soccer, a sport I played for 12 years, and join the Niwot High School varsity team instead. Because of Steve’s strong ability to identify my natural strengths and teach the fundamentals, I earned a spot on varsity as a freshman on the last doubles team. During the following summer, I played with Steve five days a week focusing on the complexities of the different strokes. Steve not only was able to physically demonstrate the shots to perfection, but also break down the stroke into a detailed explanation. This is what made Steve so effective. As a player, I not only learned from watching, but also talking about when each shot was most effective and why. In one summer, I moved up from four to one doubles when the team did not graduate one player, but gained a state champion. I ultimately won the award of Most Improved player, and continued to improve from there. The next two years, I played three singles behind two state champions who also routinely played with Steve. I earned back-to-back third place state finishes in three singles and was voted team captain both years. I have to credit Steve for his mentorship as well as his encouragement that gave me the confidence to lead. Steve not only maximized my natural skill, he also took under his guidance and trusted me to instruct under him. He helped me develop as a teacher of the sport as well. I would strongly recommend Steve Williams to any tennis player, from a beginner to a high school player wanting to play Division 1 tennis. Thanks so much Steve for your motivation and trust in me as a person!"

-- Christopher Gang

"I started playing tennis my freshman year ofhigh school, starting out low on the JV team as a beginner. That summer when school let out,I begantaking lessons and classes with Steve. By the start of thenext tennis season, afterjustmonths under his instruction,I made the number two varsity singles position for my high school. Steve's teaching skills go above and beyond what you could ask for. I still look back on all the work he put into personally meeting my individual needs as a player and am so amazed, knowing that he does this for so many different players at a time.He made tennis fun by allowing me to enjoy my strengths while playing, but also pushed me to face my challenges andI had many compliments from coaches and parents of opposing high school teams for my technique because of it. He was always extremely supportive, showing up to some of my matches right along side my parents as my cheerleader.What will always be my favorite thing about Coach Steve, though, is the fact that he's a role model outside of tennis as well. His positivity, determination, and overall goodness are things that I will remember for the rest of my life as well as my solid groundstrokes :)He issimply the best coach you could ever hope to have and I will always be so thankful for my time in his program!"

-- Maria Tunno

"I started working with Steve when I was only 7 years old. I first met Steve when I was playing a tournament at Longmont Athletic Club, and I went to a third set with a tough opponent. Steve walked up to me and gave me advice during the 10 minute rest period, and with his efficient and well constructed advice, I ended up winning the match and the tournament. That's when I realized that I wanted to play competitive tennis. Steve helped me grow throughout the years. He pushed me to my limits and helped me reach my goals. What is great about Steve is that he not only helps my game physically but also mentally. One of my biggest problems was dealing with important points under pressure. I would always have a match point and end up losing the match. Steve helped me build confidence and helped me reach the player I am now. Steve has coached a lot of prestigious players. He has helped them in every way to shape their game the way it is now. Now they play at competitive Division 1 colleges. I have been taking lessons from Steve for a long time. He conducts the classes not only in a competitive way, but also makes it fun and enjoyable. With the help of Steve, I have been playing singles at Niwot throughout my high school career and played many nationals and Intermountain tournaments reaching 5 semifinals on big Intermountain tournaments like the ITA Easter Circuit, ITA Snowball, ITA memorial, and ITA pumpkin. The biggest achievement I had was reaching the 3rd round of a national tournament in Arkansas and getting 2nd at state for Niwot at 2 singles. I would be nowhere in tennis, as a matter of fact wouldn't be interested in competitive tennis if it wasn't for that day when Steve saw my potential and encouraged me to the program by letting me hit in with his Elite classes. Williams Tennis School is a very prestigious school, and many great players are produced there. If you are serious about tennis than go train at Williams Tennis School because it shapes your game both mentally and physically, and they have a well balanced program."

-- Allen Fu, 2 singles player, Niwot High School, Fall 2014

"I started working with Steve after my freshman tennis season. I enjoy the way Steve runs his classes because he understands that live ballhitting is the best way to get better, so there is not much standing around and he always makes them fun classes. Within a couple of monthsSteve could pick the major things that we needed to work on, and wemade that our focus until it was fixed. Steve had a big part in everyaspect in my tennis game and the way I play today, and is definitelythe reason I made it to state my senior year of high school. It wasalso a great experience to go to Las Vegas a couple of times with Steve. He made the trips fun and safe. Getting to go with an organizedteam out of state was a great experience. I am very thankful forSteve not only being my coach, but also a really good friend on and off the court."

-- Garet Davis, #1 singles player, Loveland High, Fall 2014

"My son, Matthew, ​is currently a sophomore this year and has been taking lessons from Steve Williams since he was 7 years old. As a parent watching the lessons, I see Steve conduct the classes in a friendly, clear,​ and enjoyable style! Since Steve is also a competitive player, he knows how to get Matthew to play better in his game. Steve takes Matthew to the next level and continues to challenge him. I also appreciate that he explains why this technique works for him. Matthew is playing in high level tournaments thanks to Steve!

"I also have been approached by many parents these past few years on Matthew’s game. I know parents that are traveling to take lessons from Steve. Steve was meant to be a tennis teacher and coach. Longmont is fortunate to have Steve here!"

-- Marie Chavez, Longmont, CO

“Steve Williams and the Williams Tennis School have been an integral part of my tennis training for the past six years. The skills I have learned have made me successful in high school varsity and tournament play, and have helped me secure a position on my college tennis team. Williams Tennis is a high quality tennis school that I would recommend for all players who are serious about their tennis development.”

-- Gillian Hyde

"I'm lucky to have worked with Steve Williams through my high school years and without his coaching I wouldn't be where [I am] playing college tennis in Pennsylvania. Coach Steve was great to work with both in group lesson settings and was very helpful when I started taking privates with him. He is the reason why my game was able to take off. I bounced around [to] a lot of different coaches when I was trying to get my bearings as a junior player and Coach Steve was the only one that I really stayed with. He helped me understand the sport of tennis and my specific style, and really worked with me for long term goals. Steve Williams is a great coach and a great guy.

"Also, I just got named NCAC female tennis player of the week and you definitely had a big part of that.Thanks Steve!"

--Andrea Brush

"I have been working with Steve for over a year now. I started playing tennis again after about a 25 year break and he has been so encouraging! He has helped me with my serve, strokes, strategy, among other things. Mostly, I appreciate his positive attitude and his energy! He keeps us moving and improving! I have always left our lessons with more knowledge of my game and again I cannot stress enough at how positive and affirming Steve is!"

-- Susan Kingsley

"When I first joined Steve’s class, he asked each of us what our tennis goals were. I said I wanted to improve my game and have fun. There’s no question that Steve’s classes are lots of fun! In fact, I’ve told him that the hour I spend in his class is the most fun hour I have all week. Steve is so energetic and upbeat that he brings out more energy and positive attitude in me than I knew I had. And after a few months, I’ve discovered that while I’m having all that fun, I’m also becoming a better player. Every class targets learning or improving strokes, strategies, and especially for me, footwork."

-- Nancy Sheffield

"Steve Williams is professional, respectful, personal, patient, positive, and extremely knowledgeable of the tennisgame. He has a knack for teaching and is an amazing tennis pro. He is able to quickly evaluate your tennis skills and communicate an effective explanation to improve your mechanics. If you meet him on the courts, it is obvious that he genuinely likes people and has a passion for the game. I have participated in clinics at two different clubs with Steve. The clinics were well planned and implemented,with consideration for individual style of learning and play of each player. With private lessons, my game accelerated with improvement hitting more topspin and serving with more consistency. He develops foundation and explains concepts clearly to every level of player, while challenging each participant. He praises your improvement and says, "no worries" if you need further instruction. I highly recommend Steve whole heartedly to anyone wanting to take tennis lessons."

-- Brenda S Laartz,Niwot, CO

"Steve’s tennis program was the most fun and productive class that I had the pleasure of participating in during my four years of High School. He enabled me to improve my tennis and interact with peers of my level while keeping it competitive and enjoyable at the same time. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to play with him and would recommend it to all my friends."

-- Kyle Schutter, college freshman, Miami University of Ohio

"Coach Steve and Coach Wes have had such a positive impact on Peter as a person, provided a safe and healthy place to grow as well a place he feels supported, appreciated and seen. FRA is his home away from home. He truly loves it there. Thank you for being one of his inspirational leaders and a grounded, caring mentor to help shape his foundation before heading out into the world. I appreciate your high expectations for moral and character development as well. You’ve fostered growth in much more than his performance on the court including leadership, citizenship, high values and how to build a team. He’s excited to play a tournament with you and Wes too and grateful for both of your letters of recommendation and the opportunity to work for you this summer. Thank you for all you’ve done and genuinely caring for our son!"

-- Kelly Graham, FRA mom
"Coach Steve, we really appreciate the energy and passion that you put into coaching these young men and women. These past 2 years Jon had with the FRA have definitely helped him build not only tennis skills, but people and life skills as well. Thanks again!"
-- Phil and Ophelia Szwaja - FRA parents
"Once my son started the FRA he realized how high end sports "could" be - that they didn't all have to include teammates criticizing each other, and could involve having a coach that was truly happy to see you, and support you while still correcting you. I just want to thank you personally for your rapport with these kids- just the welcome he gets when he gets to the court means so much. Having such a FUN time at tennis these last 2 days turned out to be so incredibly important for him, and it provided an amazing distraction and reminded him of everything he loves about the sport of tennis. We don't always know what's going on with other people, so I just wanted you to know how everything you said and did was just right when he really needed it. He'll have more time for tennis now! One other interesting thing - he was supposed to go to Vegas with another team in Feb, so when I saw your email about Vegas in Nov with tennis, we were excited to think about future possibilities to travel with this tennis team, and how that's really appealing to us all in a way that the other team and sport just felt like a huge burden. So really, thank you so much for including him - I don't believe that timing was coincidental and you were just what he needed when he needed it."
-- FRA Mom
FRA Coaches, thank you for all you do with the FRA kids. Amber appreciated seeing you at regionals. It's amazing to see her progress. Your work with her is really starting to show.
-- FRA Dad

Ashton had a great season with school tennis and we credit A LOT of her success to your programs! She played at the #2 doubles spot and ended up qualifying for state - one of five players from Mead to qualify.

-- FRA Mom

Dear Steve, Jim and I strongly feel that you do everything with such class.We are forever grateful to you for the opportunity that you gave to Landon to be part of your team. He has many precious memories of his time spent with the FRA Family. We love to hear when Landon informs us of his get togethers with other FRA players, such amazing friendships that developed through you!Always know how much our family respects you and your tennis academy!
With grateful hearts,
-- Jim, Tammy Lees (FRA parents)
The energy and passion that Coach Steve has is hard to find. He loves his work with the FRAmily. He dedicates himself to everyone not only becoming better tennis players, but also better people. I couldn't be where I am today in college tennis without him and the Front Range Academy.
-- Myiah Scott - FRA's first D1 tennis scholarship graduate - University of Wyoming, Laramie

Jon won his first ever college tennis match in Nebraska 7-6, 6-4! Thank you and the "Front Range Academy" for helping him prepare for this!

-- Ophelia Szwaja (FRA Mom)

I wanted to be sure to tell you a big THANKS though because he made it into the round of 16 (his first time making it past the first round in a 14s tournament). And he played the best tennis I've ever seen him play! :) He went out to the 4th seed, but only lost 6-8. It was even deuce at 6 all and I thought he just might be able to pull it out, but he may actually almost have had a bit too much adrenaline ;) But the thing we're the most excited about (besides the awesome tennis he played), was his incredible mental attitude he showed against that kid. I feel that he has literally been working the entire last year for that match to come together. He'd been getting so frustrated and losing his temper so much when he played the best kids, he would always get creamed and it was overall a horrible experience. But he was super positive in all his body language in this match, and just kept his head together the whole time. He walked off the court feeling so proud of himself, and I can't remember the last time he felt like that after a loss. The whole weekend was so much fun for him, it's been a while since that's happened. So I wanted to thank you so much for all the work you do with him, he's playing great and having more fun than ever at the FRA.

-- FRA Mom

Reece is absolutely loving the FRA! I have never seen him so excited to do anything. He literally gets out of the truck and runs in!

-- Bill (FRA Dad)

FRA staff: Thanks again for fun local tournament trip. The kids had a blast on the clay. We were so impressed with how nice and supportive all of the FRA team was to our kids.

-- Melissa (FRA Mom)

Maya has found a space in your program where she is growing in both skill and confidence! The program is everything I had hoped for her!

-- Green Dot FRA Mom

I wanted to thank you so very much for allowing me to come see what the team was all about! It was such a great opportunity that I really appreciate! What I know about tennis has mostly been self taught, and it was really refreshing to have a coach that took me in and taught me a lot within 4 hours! I can’t explain how amazing the practice was and how much I learned! I am extremely excited for those Wednesday practices because I truly believe they will improve my tennis skills within a few weeks!

-- Kelli Stucky (Yellow Ball FRA player, Loveland HS)

Our son is hooked on Steve's Green Dot FRA. The coaching and experience are excellent. There is so much to like but here are two examples. First, our son loves playing tennis with Steve's experienced FRA players. We can already see how they inspire our son to work harder to get to their level. Second, we appreciate how Steve reinforces good sportsmanship. We've witnessed a lot of coaches in other sports that could benefit from Steve's training here.

-- Matt and Leslie Colagrosso (Green Dot FRA parents)

I want to thank you for running such a great program. Although Julia didn’t get to play HS tennis in the spring (ugh Covid) she did make the varsity team. That was her goal after her Freshman year, and she was able to make the team because of all the practice she gets at FRA. We feel really lucky to have found such a great program. Julia is going to start signing back up for tournaments, so she can work on improving her UTR. Thank you for all you and your coaches do for the kids on the "Front Range Academy."

-- Renee Price