FRA Alumni

Our tennis school has coached hundreds of kids that have played #1 for their high schools, with many also having very successful results at the college level. Participation in our programs and/or private lessons, hard work, and dedication are reflected in the following list of special players. In addition to the coachable elements of the game, I'm also proud of the personal connections we're able to build with each student. This is very important to me. This list of WTS alumni spans my many years as a teaching pro in this area; I regret if I've left anyone off. (Please contact me!)

Luke Weber - #1 singles Niwot HS and runner up at state at #1 singles
College Tennis: Rochester Institute of Technology

Liam Sunkel - #1 singles Aspen HS
College Tennis: Southern Methodist University

Sam Buffington - #1 singles Fort Collins
College Tennis: Luther College

Sophie Pearson - Singles player for Fairview HS, 9 UTR, one of the top players in the Intermountain section
College Tennis: UC San Diego, California

Spencer Lang - #1 ranking in the Intermountain, state champ at #1 singles in CO as a senior –
College Tennis: Butler
Harrison Lang- #1 ranking in the Intermountain, two time state champ at #1 singles in CO –
College Tennis: Creighton
Andrea Brush - #1 singles player for Thompson Valley HS.
College Tennis: Allegheny
Carter Pentz - #1 Doubles player for Niwot HS.
College Tennis: Linfield College
Lucas Martin - #1 singles player for Fossil Ridge HS and 5th at state at #1 singles CO as a senior.
College Tennis: Colorado Mesa
Joey Diaz - #1 singles player for Loveland HS and 4th at state at #1 singles in CO as a senior.
College Tennis: Whitman College
Gillian Hyde – #3 singles for Niwot HS
College Tennis: Colorado College
Andrea Motley - #1 doubles for Fossil Ridge HS (state runner up)
College Tennis: George Fox University
Kaitlyn Motley - #2 singles for Fossil Ridge HS (state runner up)
College Tennis: Augustana University
Jameson Lumpkin - #1 singles for Thompson Valley HS and state qualifier senior year
College Tennis: CSU Club
Caden Kammerer - #2 singles player for Niwot HS and top 5 player in the section, and top 3 player
in Colorado (UTR 10 as a sophomore)
Sarah Hamner - Top 3 player in Colorado and Intermountain section, winner of multiplesectional
championships (UTR 9 as a sophomore)
Allen Fu - #3 singles for Niwot HS
College Tennis: CU Boulder Club
Tanner Trace - #1 singles for Fossil Ridge HS
Garet Davis - #1 singles for Loveland HS
Colton Poore - #1 singles for Loveland HS
Eric Tamm - #1 singles for Longmont HS
Jake Fell - #1 singles for Longmont HS
Beth Silkensen - #1 singles for Longmont HS
Erik Silkensen - #1 singles for Longmont HS
Emily Revielle - #1 singles for Longmont HS
Hannah Sherman - #1 singles for Silver Creek HS
Dylan Griffin - #1 singles for Silver Creek HS
Jon Griffin - #1 singles for Silver Creek HS
Noah Grolnick - #1 singles for Silver Creek HS
Maria Tunno - #1 singles for Skyline HS
Cindy Davis - #1 singles for Skyline HS
Spencer Burglin - #1 singles for Skyline HS
Ian Day - #1 singles for Alexander Dawson
Michael Ogez - #1 singles for Niwot HS
Kara Godebu - #1 singles for Berthoud HS
Emmie Wellems - #1 singles for Berthoud HS
Jessica Mulder - #1 singles for Berthoud HS
Cara Fitzpatrick - #1 singles for Mead HS
Elsa Erickson - #1 singles for Silver Creek HS
Rebecca Eisele - #1 singles for Longmont HS
Colton Poore - #1 singles for Loveland HS
Zhan Su - #1 singles for Peak to Peak HS
Matt Chavez - #1 singles for Niwot HS
Izzy Haggquist - #1 singles for Mead HS
Myiah Scott - #1 singles for Eaton HS
Lindsey Noble - #1 doubles for Fossil Ridge HS
Jessica Tremolini - #1 singles for Silver Creek HS
Taylor Waggener - #1 singles Frederick HS
Jessica Kelley - #1 singles Frederick HS
Jacob Stringer - #1 singles Silver Creek HS
Brandon Nelsen - #1 singles Silver Creek HS
Taylor Pankewicz - #1 singles Windsor HS
Alex Djoumaliev - #1 singles Loveland HS
Maddie Sheets - #1 singles Thompson Valley HS
Peter Graham - #1 doubles Niwot HS
Riley Black - #2 singles Niwot HS
Brenden Arndt - #1 singles Longmont HS
Garrett Fink - #1 singles Greeley West HS
Terrence Williams - #2 singles Greeley West HS
Shelby Roberts - #1 singles Skyline HS
Jessica Kelley - #2 singles Frederick HS
Evan Ketellaper - #2 singles Centaurus
Shaan Sharma - #1 singles Peak to Peak
Brody Kasprzak - #2 singles Thompson Valley
Ashley Kastler - #1 singles Skyline HS
Rebecca Pavot - #1 singles Longmont HS
Jill Cowley - #1 singles Mead HS
Julie Bremser - #1 singles Erie HS
Henry Matheson - #1 singles Longmont High School
Jake Tucker - #1 singles Thompson Valley High School
Jaden Reenan - #1 singles Silver Creek High School
Kylie Zanini - #1 singles Mead High School
Lindsey Bartoletta - #1 singles Holy Family High School
Jack Good - #1 singles Peak to Peak High School
John Shelby - #1 singles Fossil Ridge High School
Elliott Chen - #1 singles Fort Collins High School
David Augustine - #1 singles Fort Collins High School
MK Longobricco - #1 singles Mead High School
College: Morningside (Iowa) tennis/academic scholarship
Ally Bartels - #1 singles Greeley West HS
Seth Bylund - #1 doubles Fossil Ridge HS
College: Lenoir-Rhyne (tennis/academic scholarship)
Bei Geiss - #1 singles Loveland HS and state champ at #1 in 2022
College: Skidmore (New York) (tennis/academic scholarship)
Mason Ramirez - #1 singles Thompson Valley HS
Luke Weber - #1 singles Niwot HS (state runner up)
College: Rochester Institute of Technology
Corbin Marler - #1 singles Loveland HS
Ryan Runner - #1 singles Silver Creek HS

WTS/FRA Top 10 All-Time Current/Former Students

  • Ashley Lahey - WTA World Ranking of 440, UTR 12, Preseason #1 ranked female in D1 college for 2020 season
  • Sarah Hamner - UTR 11, National rating of 19, Florida rating 3, signed with South Carolina D1 tennis
  • Harrison Lang - UTR 13, #1 in the Intermountain section, State Champ #1 singles CO (two times), D1 player for Creighton University
  • Spencer Lang - UTR 12, State Champ #1 singles CO, D1 player for Butler University
  • Caden Kammerer - UTR 11, National rating of 136, verbal commitment to Xavier University
  • Nico Jamison - UTR 11, National rating of 50, #1 rating mountain states, #1 rating Colorado
  • Jacob Stringer - UTR 10, College Scholarship: Allegheny, Pennsylvania
  • Myiah Scott - UTR 7, College Scholarship: University of Wyoming
  • Sophie Pearson - UTR 9, College Scholarship: University of California, San Diego
  • Henry Matheson - UTR 9, #1 singles for Longmont HS, Top 10 Intermountain section

Honorable Mentions

Elsa Erickson (#1 Silver Creek HS): College Scholarship: Minnesota Duluth
Natalie Hamill (#1 Fort Collins HS): College Scholarship: Illinois Institute of Technology
Cara Fitzpatrick (#1 Mead HS): College Scholarship: Hawaii Hilo
Taylor Pankewicz (#1 Windsor HS): College Scholarship: American International College
Jonathan Szwaja College Scholarship: Doane University
Peter Graham (Niwot HS): Club Tennis at CSU
Brandon Nelsen (#1 Silver Creek HS): Club Tennis at CU Boulder
Sam Buffington College Scholarship: Luther College
Carter Pentz College Scholarship: Linfield College
Joey Diaz (#1 Loveland): College Scholarship: Whitman College
Andrea Brush (#1 Thompson Valley): College Scholarship: Allegheny College
Lucas Martin (#1 Fossil Ridge HS): College Scholarship: Colorado Mesa
Gillian Hyde College Scholarship: Colorado College
Andrea Motley College Scholarship: George Fox University
Kaitlyn Motley College Scholarship: Augustana University
Jameson Lumpkin (#1 Thompson Valley): College Tennis: CSU Club
Amber Weston (Longmont High School): College Scholarship: Doane University