Front Range Academy Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

To grow the game of tennis and produce the next generation of leaders on and off the tennis court.

Statement of Purpose

My goal is that 90-95 percent of the players IMG_1756.jpgparticipating in the Front Range Academy will receive [academic or athletic] college scholarships.  I believe these players will be top ranked in Colorado and within the Intermountain section.  One of the keys to happiness in life is to have a passion and we help instill a healthy passion in our players.  There are too many “life skills” to even count when it comes to tennis.  Our kids gain confidence, excel academically, learn communication and problem solving skills, and learn the benefits of being part of a team and working together.  Tennis, more than almost any other activity, teaches kids how to win, and also how to lose.  We are humble and modest with our success and use it to give back and help others.  We learn from our mistakes and persevere in the hard times. 

Williams Tennis School Philosophy

The word “Relentless” sums up our play on the court.  Our phrase is “Make every point a war, regardless of the score”.  We never show gamesmanship or unsportsmanlike conduct on the court.  We treat others with dignity and respect.  There are many unhealthy distractions that our culture and society places on kids.  Tennis is one of the healthiest passions someone can have and it is the greatest lifetime sport on the planet.  We always strive to display great sportsmanship while recognizing that competition is a great thing and winning is important, it’s just not the only thing that matters. 

General Information

Participation in the academy is on a month-to-month contract. Payment and a signed contract must be received by the 15th of the prior month to save your spot for the next month. You can drop out at any time after 30 days.

The monthly fee is based on the total number of days scheduled for that month and can vary from month to month. Contact me for pricing, dates, and times.

My Expectations of Academy Players

I expect 100 percent focus and effort from the players. This is an intensely focused program for serious players. I reserve the right to dismiss any player from the team without warning for horseplay, unsportsmanlike conduct, gamesmanship, or any other poor attitude or behavior that is detrimental to that individual or the team. There are no refunds and no prorating under any circumstances, except one: Players that are involved in high school tennis can participate in the morning sessions, and I pro-rate the missed time in the afternoon when they are with their high school team. If, however, the group is full, we do not prorate; high school players can join us once their season is over. Monthly registrations are full with a waiting list. If you anticipate missing too much time during the month due to other obligations, I recommend that you not sign up for that month. Please see our "FAQ" page for more information.

My Commitment to You

IMG_1749.jpgThis program is a financial investment as well as a time commitment. Right now, I'm one of the only teaching pros in this part of the country that is doing anything like this. We do it bigger and better (and more affordably) than anyone else. We work harderhave more fun, and do this the right way! I'm out to prove that you do not need to travel to SoCal, Texas, or Florida to play in a world class tennis academy, and do it at a fraction of the cost that other places charge.

I think we have something very special here. I expect amazing things to happen in the lives of young people on and off the court. We push these kids hard, but I have always been able to strike that balance between working very hard and having fun. There are so many unhealthy distractions in our culture and society that kids get involved in. A healthy passion like tennis is one of the keys to happiness in life. As a player and a coach, if you start living in the past, you're done. 

Thanks for trusting me with your kids.

Steve Williams – USPTA