Front Range Academy

An elite tennis training experience


FRA-trio.pngMost tennis programs in this area are "recreational." Front Range Academy is a competitive program and much more intense than a private lesson now and then or a 90-minute class twice a week. This program is geared toward athletes that are already playing at a high/elite level and want to continue to take their game to new, competitive levels. We are pleased to be able to address a need exhibited by families from several different school districts across Colorado who are looking for this type of program.

We are one of the only tennis programs in this part of the nation to offer an elite travelling team of players and an intense program that trains all aspects of their tennis game 20 + hours/week. In addition to practice and improving skills, we have guest coaches who are certified teaching pros, college players training with us, and guest speakers.  Periodically throughout the year we have experts in the fields of mechanics, biomechanics, diet and nutrition, mental toughness, and strength and conditioning.IMG_1751.jpg

This program is designed for the middle school or high school player with a flexible schedule, such as, the home-schooled student, a player participating in online classes, or students granted a late start from their principal at their public school. Some schools even grant a P.E. credit for missed time from school to come train with us.

With their commitment to this program, players are forced to learn time management and organizational skills. We have found that this intense training has enhanced academic performance with our players. I communicate constantly with parents to make sure that kids are keeping their grades up.

My goals are set high as are my expectations. I want the caliber of students going through this program to realize a college scholarship placement percentage of over 90 percent. I expect graduates of the program to come back and help coach in the future. I believe that over time this group will be known as one of the best teams in this part of the country.

Proven Success

The Front Range Academy  started on June 1st, 2015 and has continued to grow every year since then as one of the largest and best academies in this part of the country.  We have boys and girls on the team that play #1 for their high school.  We have had state  and sectional champions train with us.  We compete locally as well as out-of-state. We are expanding our out-of-state team trips to include locations outside of the section.   Our UTR’s (Universal Tennis Rating) are going up and the rankings are going up right with it.

Here are some numbers to back up our success:

  • FRA has grown from 13 kids in our first summer (2015), to 22 kids in 2016, to 35 kids in 2017, 50 in 2018, 69 kids in 2019, and 110 kids in 2020!
  • We continue to train year-round and are guaranteed 4 indoor courts for the colder months.
  • The average UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) for the team increased to 5.9 for 2017.  The average player improved over one point UTR in 12 months.  We’ve had several players improve over 2 points UTR in 12 months time.  In 2017, we graduated two seniors who finished with UTR's of 9!
  • In 2016, we made 4 out-of-state trips to major sectional tournaments in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and continue to do 4-5 out-of-state trips each year since.

Green Dot FRA

With the fast growth and positive results of the FRA, we have decided to launch a developmental Green Dot FRA, beginning in the fall of 2019. Younger players will be taught proper mechanics, footwork patterns, and shot selection as they train to eventually transition to the yellow ball. We will make several local trips to area Level 7 tournaments. These players will be given 8-12 hours per week with guaranteed indoor/outdoor courts.

Continuing the Mission

My stated purpose and goal of the FRA has not changed:  We are striving to prepare kids for life through tennis.  We want to continue to help players reach their academic and athletic goals by helping to create a passion for the greatest lifetime sport.  We are a team and a family of coaches and players that are relentless on the court and display high character and sportsmanship at all times. The Front Range Academy has built up a well deserved reputation as one of the top academies in this part of the country.