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Adidas Camp 2013 @ CSU with Williams Tennis SchoolAchieve your tennis goals with Williams Tennis School


Williams Tennis School (WTS) offers private and group lessons to all ages and all ability levels in Northern Colorado. Our programs all embrace the use of high performance coaching principles: fundamentals training, developing "thinking players," match preparation, and nutrition. 

WTS students are taught proper mechanics, proper footwork, and we shatter many of the coaching myths that exist. Our young players will learn world class techniques so poor habits are not developed early on. 

We have two primary goals every time we teach or coach a tennis player:  Have fun and improve. Whether you play 3.5 leagues all of your life, or end up with a full ride scholarship to a Division 1 program, those are both tennis success stories.  

We have programs and schedules to match all ages, abilities, and availability. We also have a traveling team that competes in several tournaments outside of Colorado each year. Contact us to reach new levels in your tennis game.

Front Range Academy - a full time academy for college preparation

IMG_1746.jpgYou don't need to travel to southern California, Texas, or Florida to play in a world class tennis academy!

Williams Tennis School has a tennis academy with an intense program for dedicated middle and high school players that includes coaching from certified teaching pros and college players as well as guest speakers and experts in the fields of biomechanics, diet and nutrition, mental toughness, and strength and conditioning.

Work hard, have fun, reach your highest potential! 

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NEW! "Green Dot" FRA

The "Green Dot" Front Range Academy launched in the fall of 2019. Younger players are taught proper mechanics, footwork patterns, and shot selection as they train to eventually transition to the yellow ball. We will make several local trips to area Level 7 tournaments. These players are given 8-12 hours/week with guaranteed indoor/outdoor courts. The "Green Dot" offers an affordable and flexible schedule, just like the yellow ball FRA. FRA players all feel a part of a team and family and have fun in a respectful environment. Steve Williams offers free trial hits and evaluations to any prospective player to see if they are ready for this team!

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Front Range Academy

For athletes already playing at a high/elite level and who want to continue to take their game to new, competitive levels, check out our Front Range Academy. Guest coaches and guest speakers including experts in biomechanics, diet and nutrition, mental toughness, and strength and conditioning. Elite travelling team.

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Adidas Tennis Camp, managed and instructed by Williams Tennis School

This camp, held at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins,  is open to any and all entrants. Tennis players of all ability levels will benefit from a week at an Adidas Tennis Camp. Top notch training at the best summer tennis camps in your backyard!

All Ages & Abilities
    Ages 8-17
2021 Session:
    June 20-25

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